Chiang Mai Tigers Rugby Club 2016

SUA’S (now the Tigers) Rugby Club was formed in 2005. The Tigers Rugby Club plays visiting touring teams as well as in competitions in and around Thailand and in other countries in South East Asia.

In our first 9 years we have attracted players from as far afield as Western Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, The United States, Wales, England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa and of course from Thailand. In 2011, all our players were Thai

We have hosted visiting teams from Russia, Australia, The Philippines, Laos, and Singapore. We have been invited to rugby competitions in the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. We have competed for 8 years in the Bangkok International Sevens and have played in the Pattaya Tens 7 times, where we reached the semi-finals five times, and have been beaten finalists twice. This year we have been invited to the prestigious World Club Tens tournament in Singapore. Professional teams such as the Brumbies from Australia and Biarritz Olympique from France playing in the top division and other top clubs from around Asia playing in the Asia Club division that we will play in.

For the past 4 years we have been organizing and running the Chiang Mai International Tens tournament which we hope will grow into a 16 team tournament with 8 international sides and 8 Thai sides from 2012.

All of these competitions have contributed to our first representative players with Chris Jenkins being selected for the Thailand national team in 2008 and in 2011. Khun Nice played in the Thai National 7’s team with whom he travelled to China and Malaysia. He is still currently in the Thai squad. Some of our current Thai players have previously and currently represent Thailand at under 17 and under 19 level and 4 players were selected in Thai touring squads in 2011, but due to floods and the tsunami in Japan did not tour. We have also sponsored some of our Thai players to be representatives in other competitions where we could not afford to send an entire team, such as at the Bangkok Tens. In this instance, for the past 5 years four/five of our players played with the Carlton Grammar club from New Zealand.

It is our hope that in this season, as well as in following seasons, we can play competitive rugby in the competitions mentioned above as a team worthy of representing Chiang Mai and in particular Chiang Mai rugby. We hope that by doing so we can assist in the development of rugby in Chiang Mai and the development of individual players in Chiang Mai. We hope that by drawing Westerners and Thais together that we can learn from one another in the name of rugby.

With assistance from our sponsors we hope we will be able assist the Thai players in our team to travel to the above mentioned tournaments and thus increase the interest, and the strength and depth of Thai Rugby. As we are an affiliated club, registered with the TRU, all sponsorship provided is tax deductible.